Important Announcement!

Due to a delayed inspection we regret to inform that our opening weekend is delayed. The city is still behind from the effects of the hurricane and postponed our original inspection date. Normal operation will resume next weekend October 13th and 14th when tickets are already discounted.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your support.

Welcome to Your Nightmare!

There have always been dark rumors circling about the Clearing Medical Asylum. It was decided to build a medical center off property in order to prove patients could once again return to the public, if they returned to the center for periodic treatments and medication. The most disturbing rumors are ones center around the controversial pill named Euphorium and the fact that it was abruptly banned and ceased production. For the former residents of the asylum, there was one thing they all feared more than life on the outsideā€¦ a life without Euphorium.